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How To Write An Essay

Sliq Essays are a UK company and we employ a team of UK writing professionals, our mission is to assist any student in further and higher education. Whether you are struggling with time management, or the technical side of how to write an essay, we can help.

A successful assignment is one that shows careful planning and coherency. Before beginning to write, you should consider what your assessor is looking for in answer to the question, the potential readership of your paper and the direction your argument will take. This is far easier to put into practice if you plan carefully, start by mapping out your ideas on paper and jot down a brief draft copy. Then research some potent phrases or key words, these can be used to reinforce your points, lending a degree of authority to your voice. Lasty, read around the topic, look at various viewpoints in order to present a well rounded perspective.

At this point you are ready to create an outline for the finished piece, be inspired by your draft copy but add a far more rigid framework. Use an introduction to explain your intentions, and then formulate your analysis in the paragraphs of the middle section. Finally, draw your thoughts to a logical close and answer the question directly in your conclusion.

When you feel the work is complete, take a step back and look at the essay with a critical eye. Check for spelling errors, grammatical problems and sentence structure, many people find it easier to read out loud or read to a friend at this stage.

After proofreading your essay, ensure you save it to your computer’s hard drive and a memory stick, otherwise you risk losing everything if your system crashes. When you have the paper copy, take a few minutes to go over it one last time. You could also ask a colleague or family member to reread it, if you are both happy that everything is correct, hand it in.

Sliq Essays are a UK company, committed to getting our customers the results they want at a reasonable price. If we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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